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弊社のOracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud 1Z0-982参考書の使用方法とても簡単で、1Z0-982問題と答えを暗記しただけで、初心者としても10~20時間の独学で、時間が節約します。

1.Which LCM Category is required to restore Essbase data?
A. Calculation Manager
B. Planning
C. Data Management
D. Groups and Memberships
Answer: C
Users performing Lifecycle Management (LCM) operations for Essbase must be assigned the following
roles: LCM Administrator, Server Access, Calc, and Database Manager.
The Database Manager role is required to import into destination applications.
References: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E57185_01/EPMLU/apcs02.html

2.A user is new to creating business rules. Which two business rule features can help new users save
time with pre-built components? (Choose two.)
A. Rule sets
B. Edit Script mode
C. Business rule templates
D. Business rule scripts
E. Designer mode
Answer: A,C

3.Several users continuously use custom-created formulas in Excel to supplement their Planning form
What is another design alternative to reduce offline Excel maintenance?
A. Ad hoc forms
B. Reports
C. Smart forms
D. Cell commentary
E. Smart push
Answer: C
With Smart Forms you use your Own Excel Formulas in Planning.
References: Oracle Cloud, Administering Planning for Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud, page 9-12

4.Where would you navigate in Data Management to map source data to target scenarios?
A. Category Mapping
B. Target Application
C. Import Format
D. Data Flow Mapping
Answer: B
Before you begin using FDMEE (Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition), you must
register the source system from which you want to import data. For Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud,
it is a file-based source system. FDMEE creates a file-based source system automatically when you
install and configure the product. You must also register the target application (for example, Planning) to
which you want to load the data from one or more source systems.
Steps to take source data from a data file that we downloaded from an Enterprise Resource Planning
(ERP) source ledger and load the data to a Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud application.

5.Which artifact cannot be imported via a flat file?
A. Supporting Detail
B. Exchange Rate Tables
C. Smart Lists
D. Dimensions
Answer: A
You can import metadata from a flat file in a comma-delimited, tab-delimited, or other format. These
artifacts are supported in the imports:

試験のタイトル:Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgetingクラウド?サービス2017 Implementation Essentials
Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud 2017に対する試験が検証されました。

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もし、受験者は弊社のOracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud 1Z0-982試験資料を使用してから、不合格の場合、どんな理由は弊社で購入した金額を返金します。
最全面的なOracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud 1Z0-982試験問題と解答を提供するだけでまく、一年間の無料更新サービスも提供いたします。


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